Phoebe’s Cupcakery


Phoebe’s Cupcakery is my favorite hideout and I am really satisfied with their foods and service, so I decided to blog about this CupCakery. The place is quite secluded so if you are a commuter, you really need to walk for a few steps but i assure you that your efforts in walking won’t be wasted since the place is worth visiting.

The theme of the place is very relaxing in the eye!




Take note: Their rest room also had some fabulous decorations. Ughh this is the cutest rest room I’ve ever seen!


Facebook page: Phoebe’s Cupcakery

Location: Paseo Saturnino Maria Luisa Road Banilad, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Hours open: Tuesday-Sunday 2pm-10pm

Contact: (032) 238 3912


Update: I was planning to update this post because I know I missed a lot of details but sad to say the place is already closed </3


20 thoughts on “Phoebe’s Cupcakery

  1. The place really remind me of that show “Shabby Chic”..the place looks really relaxing.. I imagine myself enjoying a cup of coffee and indulging a yummy cupcake while reminiscing those great memories i have hehe
    Too bad it’s too far from my place

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