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We all have to admit that the 90’s fashion is finally back with a bang! Chokers, crop tops, culottes, baseball caps, denim skirts, denim jackets, plaids, turtleneck tops, high waist jeans and boyfriend jeans are just few of the 90’s fashion that every Fashionista would want to have.

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A few months ago, I really wanted to buy some pair of culottes because it seems to be so comfy to wear but when I told my mom about it, she told me that she had it before and it makes her look shorter and it will suit well if you are tall. And because of that, I was kinda broke and discourage, but just this month, I saw a shop on Instagram selling culottes in a cheaper price compared to the malls. I told myself to give it a try because there’s no harm in trying and~ viola! I had no regrets in buying this pair of culottes!

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Hat: H&M // Top: Online // Culottes: Online // Shoes: H&M

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! haha






16 thoughts on “Cultus

  1. I love the 90’s fashion… its simple yet elegant.. hahaha tama ba? I tried wearing that skirt but it doesnt suit me.. hahaha.. anyways, your blog is awesome as always!!!!! Love your blog…! I’ll definitely wait for your next blog! ^__^


  2. Hehe, how nice 🙂 Fashion always finds a way to repeat itself, and I’m not complaining. I wouldn’t have the knack to pull off a look like that since I’m short and on the plump side, haha.


  3. Yes I agree with you. The fashion trend nowadays is a little bit retrospective but with a modern touch. It’s more of filling a segment between the past and the future styles. Anyway, that skirt and the hat looks good in you! Bonne ecriture!


  4. I think denim jackets never went out of style and yet until now I do not own one!I almost bought from H&M when a friend gave me a 25% discount card but then I saw something else.

    How tall are you? The skirt looks good on you. I’m only 5’3 so long skirts somehow makes me feel like I look short.


  5. Culotte is a trouser that looks like a skirt right? I doubt it would look good on me. I am a 90’s baby but ugh.. nahhh. I would settle with lovely dresses na lang and maxi skirts. Hahaha. But it looks good on you! I like the color combo.


  6. Cheers to those who grew up in 90s! I belong there haha! I don’t know for me when it comes to 90’s fashion , I often associate it with loose-type of clothing… those saggy pants….denims… and for girls, those vibrant kikay accessories hehe
    You look great with that outfit by the way!


  7. I have loved culottes ever since. I still have a few pieces with me but unfortunately, some no longer fits me (blame it on fast food, haha!). I really think 90s fashion is the most flexible fashion and that’s why it never really gets out of style.


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