Sirao Garden

Way back to 2015, the Sirao Garden became a very popular eye-catching tourist attraction in Cebu. Sirao Garden is a flower farm located in Barangay Sirao-Busay, Cebu City, which is quite secluded from the city. The nature of the place is still fresh and the ambiance of the place is very nice. And now, the long wait is over! The Garden is finally open again to the public and there are a lot of improvements and surprises waiting for you!



Sunflower from Holland


Sirao Garden with love



When I visited again the garden, I was so shocked and happy because their are a lot of improvements and the place is now more eye-catching.

The flowers are moved near the entrance and their are fences.Β 

Last year, we had a trouble at searching where the entrance was located and because of that we go thru a wrong path and i almost fall (huhu) and it hurts my feels seeing people stepping on the flowers just to have a good angle in taking picture but now, that’s not a big problem! Finally!! People can’t step the flowers now! haha DSC_0285

The cute and colorful windmillΒ is another eye-catching place in the garden. This windmill is actually working unlike the others hahaha DSC_0254.JPG

You can rent some costumes and stuffs! Feel like a Dutch by wearing this traditional garment that only cost for 30php and I think the time in wearing this garment is unlimited (not that sure). Enjoy walking and taking pictures wearing some costumes and props! DSC_0295DSC_0292.JPG

Food Stall and Souvenir Shop.

After roaming around the garden I feel hungry and lazy but good thing there is a food stall inside the garden. The foods and drinks were very affordable and tasteful. There is also a Gift Shop inside the garden. The woman selling the items told me that some of the items were delivered straight from Amsterdam, so no need to visit Amsterdam because there is already a mini-Amsterdam is Cebu!


Entrance Fee: 30php per head

Motorcycle/habal-habal fee: 200 back and forth

For more inquires about the place, visit their Facebook page – Sirao Garden





3 thoughts on “Sirao Garden

  1. Wow! What a pretty place to visit in Cebu. I’ve been planning to come back to Cebu and I will visit this place. Thank you for sharing! Thanks for commenting on Qing’s Style. I hope you always keep in touch!


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