Denim on Denim


The trend “Denim on Denim” existed since 1990’s (please correct me if I am wrong). It may be called as denim on denim or double denim. Basically, this trend was one of the best fashion trend on the 90’s.

On that time, there are a lot of celebrities and artists spotted wearing this trend. I absolutely love this trend because it is really easy to pair up- of course because you’re just adding a denim top and a denim bottom, but don’t overuse denim so that you won’t look really weird hihi.12687951_958954127493768_1086407013003023223_n12650836_958954354160412_8846507051603959358_n

Denim Jacket: Mom’s // Inner Top: Forever21 // Denim Skirt: Penshoppe // Shoes: Topshop
Derp on blog hahaha sorry

That’s all for now. Thanks you!




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