Going Camou

1997_979562568766257_756476278417008635_n12803052_979562505432930_4625911206995778459_nMarch is a busy month for me since there are a lot of things that should be done in this month but last week was a very hectic one for me because school stuffs! But finally, our Finals was already done and I’m  also done with my clearance. And right now, I am very happy and blessed becausea feww days from now I’ll be graduating in Junior High, I’ll be turning 17 and summer is coming! haha.


This is what I wore during BlogCon2016 at USC-TC, it was actually my first time to visit TC and I was really impressed with the place. The event was really great, in fact, I’ve learned a lot from the speakers plus there are a lot of freebies haha but the bad thing was I still didn’t have enough self-confidence to make friends with others, I just hope that next time I’ll be confident enough to make friends with other bloggers because I really would love to have some blogger buddies haha.


Top: H&M // Bottom: H&M // Watch: Skechers
Boots: H&M


That’s all for now, thanks for reading!




14 thoughts on “Going Camou

  1. Do you watch Walking Dead? You actually reminds me of Edin , she’s one of the newest characters in the series.. and for local, you remind me of Jhoana Marie tan of GMA7 ^_^ I love your top by the way!


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