Intentionally Basic


Culottes are great choice of buttons when you are lazy or in rush. You can actually wear it on a hot, gloomy or cold weather depending on how you style it or in short, you can wear it anytime you want. Culottes or just comfy buttons is a must in my closet right now because summer is finally here and the heat makes me lazier!


This is what I wore during my 17th birthday celebration. I opted to wear the basics and luckily the place was really a great choice for background haha.


Overused hat: H&M // Sunglass: Ayala Dept Store
Top: Topshop // Vest: GTW by SM // Watch: Skechers // Coluttes: Bench // Heels: Parisian

That’s all for now, thank you!





28 thoughts on “Intentionally Basic

  1. Nice ootd. I remember I used to wear coluttes On my first few years of work while my officemates preferred jeans and shirt/blouse. I felt so girly but always ready to go anywhere. Just yesterday when I dropped by Trinoma, I saw a nice pair and would want to fit it but had second thoughts. Perhaps the style might me too young for my age Na.

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      1. Aw I think coluttes are not age specific but nakadepende kasi yun sa tao, my mom usually borrow my clothes except for my coluttes haha, sabi kasi nya hindi na daw bagay sa kanya dahil sa age nya pero I think nakadepende yun sa person kasi I saw a woman (35-40 age range) wearing a coluttes and bagay naman sa kanya 🙂

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  2. I like coluttes on other people, but I feel like it doesn’t look well on me. I love this super simple outfit. I also try to stick to the basic colors most of the time. That way, I have more freedom to accessorize 🙂


  3. That’s a cool OOTD. I like culottes too because they are comfy, but it doesn’t figure very well on me because of my short stature. Short shorts look better on me. 😀


  4. I was amazed that your coluttes was from I was surprised to know that the culottes were from Bench! I thought you brought it from some international brand. Nice! I honestly been looking for one but was only able to find one from one of the leading international brands. I’ll definitely look for this when I visit the mall soon. Indeed, it’s a flexible garment for any ocassion or season.


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