Amidala Cafe

It’s summer and I need a vacation in a galaxy far, far away! lol kidding. I finally found a place perfect for all Star Wars fans! And as of now, this is the only Star Wars related cafe in Cebu.13179097_1019979101391270_4640478546882554732_n13177905_1019978901391290_1707645364956709896_n

The place is called “Amidala Cafe”. If you don’t have any idea about the word “Amidala”, here’s a fact;

Padme Amidala is a character in Star Wars. She was the Princess of Theed, then later on she became the queen of Naboo. Amidala was portrayed by Nathalie Portman.


Amidala Cafe is located at Maria Cristina Arcade Building near Sacred Heart School. The place is quiet secluded, so if you are a commuter, ride a jeepney that will pass by at Escario and from Penongs, walk until you reach Vacation Hotel, behind that is where the cafe located.


Choco CarameLeia Milkshake- 220php






The Choco CarameLeia Milkshake and StrawberReyMilkshake are really tasteful! The price of their drinks was really worth it! The staffs were friendly & generous but the place is too small. They cannot accomodate a lot of customers since there are only 4 tables inside. My overall rating is 4/5!



Store Hours:

Weekdays= 1pm-12 midnight
Weekends= 5pm-12 midight

Thanks for reading! May the force be with you!





21 thoughts on “Amidala Cafe

  1. uwaaa!! when I go back to cebu I will visit this cafe with my sister. I will definitely bring her there!!! I love the Choco CarameLeia Milkshake, It’s so cute! the designs I mean. hahaha. maybe I’ll bring my niece there. she’s a fangirl when it comes to star wars! ❤
    love your blog! ^_^


  2. The last time I was at Cebu, I also frequent a neighborhood coffeeshop (walking distance from the room I rented via airbnd). Just a small store and only open from 1PM till midnight. I love how concept stores are blooming there, and the owners are college students or fresh graduates.

    If I have the time, I will visit the place not only to try their coffee, but to interview the owner, if s/he’s around.

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  3. There used to be a Star Wars themed cafe in Paranaque City within Metro Manila. Too bad it no longer exists. It’s great to know that Cebu now has a Star Wars cafe. I’m pretty sure my co-blogger will love it there since he’s an avid fan of Star Wars. Knowing that it’s just a small cafe, I hope it doesn’t feel too jam packed. Anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Not a Star Wars fan but those who are will definitely dig this! The food presentation looks really nice and enticing. I just hope they offer more space. The problem with themed cafes like this is that they offer really great ambiance but start up with small cramped up spaces (and I understand). As much as you want to enjoy the place you’re hindered with the fact that you can’t stay for long cos other’s won’t have a chance to sit down. XD

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  5. Been here! Their drinks are lami but the place is soooo yamag. Hehe 🙂 I hope they can expand soon, the concept and milkshakes are great. Made me jealous of the girls at Sacred kay duol ra kaayu sila sa place. 🙂

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  6. AHA! No wonder why when I was scanning your blog, I thought the name sounded so familiar. Amidala sa Star Wars pala! LOL! Looking at the menu, the prices are reasonable. You are happy so the place must be okay naman. Admittedly I am not a fan of Star Wars so I go for value, in this case, what I put in my mouth, tama???


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