Oslob: Swimming with the Gentle Giants

One of the main attractions in Oslob is swimming with the whale sharks. I really enjoy swimming except when I’m in the deep part of the water or I can’t see what’s under the water. In short, I have a “Thalassophobia”. I honestly have a lot of fears but I am trying my best to overcome some of my fears.

Around 5am we took a private van going to Oslob. After 3 hours, we arrived at the place. Upon the arrival, we registered and had a short orientation. The short orientation was about the rules and regulations when swimming with the whale sharks.


Few minutes after, a guy took us to a small boat. We were not allowed to put lotion and bring some stuffs. We were able to take pictures and swim with the whale sharks for 30 minutes using their underwater camera.13051651_570590673102376_2180812042370481138_n11220119_570592516435525_2875164920224584919_n13043724_570587199769390_5184953058553128391_n13062154_570586276436149_2538817552384414054_n

Kuya:”ikaw una ha, 1, 2, 3″ *then pushed he me down*.


The experience was really great! Though at first I was really scared because the whale sharks are really big & we were in the deep part of the water, I still manage to face my fear (slight lang) haha.


Whale shark watching: P300

Swimming with the whale shark: P500

CD for the pictures: P250

Note: Please follow the rules and regulations and always listen to your guide.




40 thoughts on “Oslob: Swimming with the Gentle Giants

  1. That’s a really awesome experience, you can’t miss this when you’re in such a place. I’m sure it’s something you will never forget.


    1. Thank you! We didn’t hurt the whale sharks but based on my research the treatment of the care takers is not good enough & I saw pictures of the some tourists touching or kicking the whale sharks but yes we are not allowed to touch them 🙂


  2. I have been to Donsol two times already but unfortunately I have not a single photograph to prove that I had seen and swum with the whale sharks. I think I should go to Oslob to finally get my photo proofs. – Fred


  3. I have been to Oslob and swam with the gentle giants. It was a fulfilling experience. But I saw a trending photo of a girl standing on a whale shark’s back and it kinda saddens me. It made me want to stop luring those creatures in shallow waters for public viewing.


  4. It’s a great experience to personally encounter the biggest marine mammal on earth. I’m thinking of bringing my 7 year old daughter, do you think she can appreciate the trip to Oslob to see the whales face to face?


  5. Now this is something to give a try indeed! I’ve been going in and out in Cebu but I havne’t get the chance to visit Oslob yet which is one of the places I always pass whenever I go home to NEgros. Thanks for indicating the prices here at least I know now how much would it cost in case our plan will be done then.


  6. I have the same problem as you have I love to be in the water, but I get somewhat panicked when I can’t feel or see the bottom. However this seems like a great experience and I would love to push my fears aside to do this. It really looks like an experience to never forget.


  7. This is one of the things I would love to do. I don’t know if that would still be enjoyable for me since I can’t swim but, I bet with life vest, I can do it. hehehe. These whales are really wonderful! I bet you had fun!


  8. This must be an unforgettable experience for you. I’ve been staying in Cebu for more than 7 years and I’ve been planning to try that kind of swimming with Butantading. I simply can’t find a perfect time to go there. I hope the soonest I can visit the spot.


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