In It

This might be my last shoot at the beach this summer 2016. Summer (here in the PH) is almost over! Seriously?! Why summer happens so fast?! To be honest, I am feeling both happy & sad. Happy because I am part of the first batch of Senior High/Grade 11 student here in the PH (except for international schools) but sad because I’ll be saying goodbye to my late night kdramas/movies!


Chokers are back on trend! So how about a choker top for less hassle? haha. I prefer these tops than buying chokers since most of the quality of the chokers aren’t good enough -based on my experience. I have a total of 5 chokers in different styles but the 3 were already broke.




I have a (kinda) funny reason why the title was “In It”. Add the two words “In It”= Init. It is a Tagalog word which means hot, summer this year is really hot! haha I’m so corny sorry guys!



8 thoughts on “In It

  1. Summer is just starting here. Though I live in the Netherlands and here it doesn’t mean that much :). It could still be 20 degrees celcius and raining.
    It’s a nice outfit you have on the photos!


  2. You look great! Yes chokers are so in right now! I think they look cute and secy but I don’t really own one. I feel like it won’t look good at me 😦


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