June On Denim

It’s June or in other words, it’s back to school here in the Philippines! Well, basically it’s also back to denim and skinny jeans for me haha. For the record, I never wore skinny jeans this summer! It’s because the temperature here in the Philippines this summer is really insane and I need to put more efforts putting the skinny jeans on haha.


This is a part 2 of my double denim/ denim on denim outfit post. Click – Denim on Denim  to check my last outfit about this trend and to read more info about this trend because why would I repeat those words? hahaha. 1ca

This outfit post was scheduled to be posted 2/3  months ago but sad to say that I accidentally deleted these photos on my PC. I was planning to have a shoot again but good thing that I remembered that recycle bin existed! Special thanks to recycle bin hahaha.catsdeets




16 thoughts on “June On Denim

  1. Overall love your look! Hope you don’t mind though I think a messt bun hair do will be perfect for this look and a dash of accessory just to break the blue denim color. 🙂


  2. I absolutely adore denim. They are the epitome of casual style. You can dress them up and still go gallivanting without having pedestrians throwing shifty glances towards you. You can never go wrong with denim.


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