What goes around, comes around. If you did something bad, a bad karma is coming but when you do something good, a good karma is coming. Karma is the result of what you did. Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve. Always be careful of what you are doing so that you won’t feel regets. In my case, due to my laziness, a bad karma happened to me. If you have read my last post, I shared that I never wore skinny jeans this summer and now I am struggling whenever I wear skinny jeans. Supposed to be, my plan for my first day of school outfit is  a pink button down top (which I really wore during the first day of school) and a skinny jeans but before I went to the university, I felt so uncomfortable with my jeans, so I rushed to my room then change my jeans.


Yes, it should be “comfort over style” but I used to wear skinny jeans before than skirts, culottes or palazzo pants and I think I should be wearing skinny jeans more often again because WHY NOT?! hahaha but hey! I already started wearing skinny jeans again for two times already and it was a great achievement for me.



I don’t have any idea if Levis (brand) is currently selling some frayed jeans but just to make it clear, the frayed jeans that I am wearing in this post is a DIY frayed jeans made by me. Uhm should I post a tutorial for frayed jeans? haha










40 thoughts on “Karma

  1. i love the hem of your jeans! when you feel confident – you look amazing ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Nice entry however I do not believe that karma works that way. A lot of people do crappy things and it doesn’t come back to them. I just say be positive or shut up. As far as your jeans go, wear what you feel comfortable in. Skinny or loose fit or slim legs…whatever you choose, own it and love it.


    1. We all have our own beliefs hihi. To be honest, I really want to to wear (always) something really comfortable but there are a lot of judgemental people in my place haha hope I would be more confident. btw thank you!


  3. I got fat and my skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore. Sometimes I wanna lay in bed and cry all night about being fat. But we all know I could do better than that, so I cry in the bathroom. Lol, jk.


  4. Comfort is on top of my priority list when it comes to dressing. Do not listen to anything I say about fashion hahah I dress whatever is available and comfortable. I am such a “tita”. I heard my self sigh when I read that you frayed a Levi’s. Hahaha -katrina centeno


    1. Yes comfort should be on the priority list when it comes to dressing. Oh I forgot to put in the description that I just saw the jeans on the cabinet and I think it was unused for a long time hahaha


  5. First of all, you are correct about karma. Anyway, be thankful you decided to change prior to leaving your house or else you would have to deal with the discomfort for several hours in school. Jeans, they never fail. 🙂


  6. Oh yeah! Definitely do that tutorial. I know the pain you’re in. I’ve just put on a couple kilos and my tight fitting clothes are a pain now!!! Karma for eating too much in those parties!!! Lolz..


  7. Karma is definitely something I think about. I’ve experienced bad karma myself, and it’s not worth it. Anyway, about the jeans: Great look! I’ve given up hope of fitting in skinny jeans, though, thanks to my mommy thighs, hahaha!


  8. I feel your pain, I have recently quit smoking and have put on several pounds. I am struggling with my self image at the moment and I would love to fit into skinny jeans again soon. It is a goal of mine to lose this weight by the new year. I also think you should do a tutorial on how you frayed the bottom of your jeans. It looks spectacular and I’d love to do it to mine. And for the record, you are gorgeous the way you are!


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Miranda. A friend once told me that its really hard to quit smoking, good thing that you were able to do it! hihi same here. But in my case, I gain weight because of too much food and no exercise haha. Good luck on your goal and I wish you all the best! Yes I’m planning to do a tutorial hihi. Thank you so much! 🙂


  9. As you may have noticed, skinny jeans have been slowly exiting the fashion scene, and cropped and/or frayed denim jeans are everywhere. I can definitely hear your despair, but don’t worry because a new babe has entered scene, and I’ve already experienced it myself.


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