According to InStyle, the latest buzzword in fashion is “athleisure,” it is one of those made-up terms that are so ridiculously nonsensical as to be perfectly descriptive. Athleisure refers to outfits that can be worn both exercising and for almost everything else. Athleisure usually reminds me of leggings, yoga pants and jogging pants.



Monday is our wash day but Monday is also our schedule for PE class which means athleisure is a thing during monday haha but actually our PE uniform is just a plain white top, leggings or jogging pants and rubber shoes. I didn’t wore the proper uniform right? It’s because I’m a badass haha joke, I was still lazy to wear the proper uniform during that time, sorry. catsDSC_0840cats11DSC_0838cats1111

I actually have a lot of things to post in my blog but I am still busy because of some school-related stuffs. I am really sorry for being inactive but from now on, I’ll try my best to be more active. Thanks for reading!




19 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Oh, meron palang bagong term. Athleisure… the things people do nowadays. For me, it is simple. Wear shirt and shorts, done. I actually come to Shangri-La Mall often and I wear the same clothes I wear at home. LOL! Because I live across the street, I seem to have this mindset that the mall is an extension of my home.


  2. I’ve never heard the term athleisure. It does make sense once you think about it. I almost never wear pants, but I do think that outfit is cute on you. H&M has lots of fun tops.


  3. “athleisure” – funny word haha! I love these look because it’s so casual. And the outfit looks great so I think it’s a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thank you for i introducing us altleisure. It is good to learn new things especially those coming from the millennials. I may be too old for that kind of porma but it is something I look forward to seeing my kids wear. They are experimenting on their clothes and i find altleisure decent not to be considered.


  5. That’s so chill. I really wear leggings more than jeans because it’s more comfortable and it’s easier for me to move around. I love your whole outfit. It’s so relaxing to stare at. Oh and I super love your jacket!


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