2 years ago, my friend was wearing nude leggings and because the color of her skin matches her leggings, she looks like she’s not wearing a leggings! (I hope she won’t read this post tho hahaha) And because of that, I told myself that I will never ever wear something that is in nude color. But guess what just happened?! haha I am obviously wearing a nude dress in this post!


I really don’t know how and why but right now I’m obsessed almost anything that is in nude & rose quartz! I actually bought a lipstick that is in nude color (hey I’m not always wearing a makeup but nude sometimes looks so natural and I want to hide my chappy lips) but unfortunately it doesn’t look good on me.


Photos were actually taken last June where every day was our wash day because our uniforms were distributed last July haha.


Conclusion: Never judge a color, learn how to appreciate and be creative. I really believe in that saying that “everyone is unique”, there are some colors that will look good 0n you and there are also some colors that won’t look good on you. You will never know if that color looks good on you if you won’t try to use or wear it. DSC_098911111DSC_0989111111




35 thoughts on “Nude

  1. Whatever you wear so as long as you feel comfortable naman and bagay sa iyo, then iyon na. I am not much into fashion, so regardless kung old style or trendy style, whatever, basta bagay, diba?

    P.S. Cute naman ng outfit mo sa iyo. 🙂


  2. I agree with sir Robert… I’m also not into fashion and I only wear what I am comfortable whatever outfit makes you happy and comfortable , then go for it! I love your outfit especially the denim ♥♥


  3. Before, I was never really a fan of the nude shade. Even with lipsticks, I did not buy until now. I never thought it would look good on me until I tried swatching. It’s true that don’t judge a color by its looks until you try them. And you are slaying that outift!! 🙂


  4. Sometimes I see those nude leggings. I really know what you mean. I won’t ever wear that. However your nude look is fab babe! Love IT!


  5. I wasn’t big on nude colored pants or clothing cause I always felt like people thought I wasn’t wearing anything! Haha. But I recently bought nude pants and I love themmmm!

    I love this outfit! Beautiful! Casual meets chic 😀


  6. Nude is so tricky, isn’t it? But I personally love it; I think it all depends on the style, some accessories do the trick as well. For example, I love nude shoes, they actually elongate the legs, and make you look super tall ❤ Anyway, your dress looks good on you, so you made the right choice in trying a nude color 🙂


  7. Hahaha, that’s just life. I mean I hated converse but I have to pairs now! That’s why I don’t hate anything anymore, stop judging the clothes! As we grew old, we change. So, I love your dress, nude is really great for summer, and you look amazing in it. Love it!


  8. Nude really goes well with your complexion. I’m a big fan of trying out new colors that I was once opposed to. Lately I’ve embraced pastels and found that it doesn’t look so bad.


  9. I like nude and I think that nude leggings are actually really cool as they uniform your skin and make your legs look perfect. Also, they keep you warm. I agree, we should try out with colors and see what fits you and what not. Your nude dress fits you very well.


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