Over The Shirt

We’ve been seeing a lot of celebrities wearing this slip dress trend like the Kardashian-Jenner family, Emma Roberts and the Hadid sisters. This trend was a big thing on the 90’s and we’re glad that it’s back!


By layering a simple tee under the slip dress, the sexiness of the slip dress will be covered by cuteness. This is so easy to copy and it’s so comfortable to wear!


I got no kilay because I still don’t wear a makeup.



// Sorry if my hair looks so messy and my face looks too serious, please blame the weather hahaha //





59 thoughts on “Over The Shirt

  1. Love this style! It’s so casual, simple and chic. I also feel like I can wear it anywhere and I won’t look so underdressed. Can’t go wrong with black and white!


  2. Not sure though if this was also in Liz Uy’s book but I read something like this there too. This is really a unique and comfortable outfit. Seems casual with the sneakers yet I wonder if this can be worn also for semi-formal events. You look pretty! 🙂


  3. I have seen this style so many times, and it’s cool. I just don’t think I look good wearing one. I think not with that current body type I have now. It fits you, though.


  4. I recently purchased very similar outfit…A bit short though and it looks great! It looks very nice on you too and gives younger look.


  5. Monochrome is my favourite colour theme for OOTD as well! I like your outfits because it is simple and but looks nice. Easily to match with accessories as well. Keep it up. =3


  6. I like how you styled it, it will definitely remind you of the 90’s. The outfit is simple and comfy, perfect for young women!


  7. I have been seeing this trend around a lot too. I love how you have styled you outfit with casual shoes too, it loos great. I definitely would feel more comfortable wearing a slip dress this way.


  8. I have been seing this trend every-where, and I loved it for a long time. I think it’s such a versatile piece, comfy, easy, wearable and yet, it’s so easy to pair it with a simple white tee. As as blogger, I totally get why you pick this trend! It’s chic and easy to wear, and the Jenners are right on the good tracks!


  9. I have a few velvet dresses and I’m dying to wear them this way, but have a feeling that I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t own a normal white shirt. Funny!
    Great look! xx


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