Pulling My Pullovers

People who are in a tropical country can only experience two seasons (wet and dry). And if you are living in a tropical country, Congratulations! You can now wear your hoodies, sweaters, and pullovers without feeling like you’re in a sauna hahaha.



I got this pullover (the one that I am wearing in this post) as a gift, last February. But the first time that I wear this top was just last weekend because who wants to wear this kind of top in a country that is really hot?! haha. Well, that’s life. There are things that are worth waiting for.


I’ve been waiting for this season! I miss this cozy weather wherein I can wear my comfy oversized sweater/pullover, pajama, and socks while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. And because this cozy weather is back, I am now pulling my pullovers out in my hidden box hahaha.


In looking for a great pullover, you need to check first its price, material, color, and stitching. Not choosing a pullover based on its quality and design has been one of my regretful mistakes. And this mistake should be taken as a lesson in life.


If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I don’t wear makeup and it’s my first time to wear makeup on my blog! I don’t know why but lately, I’ve been enjoying on experimenting with makeups and colors.
Top: H&M // Bag:Helios Philippines
Necklace: Forever21 // Footwear: Cotton On // Jeans: Vintage Shorts





23 thoughts on “Pulling My Pullovers

  1. Love the combination of the pullover with the jeans. Looks great. Here is quite cold now (the Netherlands) so it’s also time for pullovers!! Love the makeup by the way. The experimenting goes well.


  2. It’s always cosy weather here in the UK! ! 😁 u live a pullover and thus one looks great quality. love how you’ve styled it with the torn jeans . And love your glasses!! Where are they from? Ree love30


  3. Then I should probably move 🙂 We have all 4 seasons in Bosnia and while I love wearing sweaters, I hate the sweater weather and I can’t stand winter (actually cold weather). Lovely outfit!


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