Valentine’s Day Wishlist featuring SheIn

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I guess, everyone knows what is Valentine’s day right? so no need for me to explain haha. Since Valentine’s day is fast approaching, here are the pieces that are really perfect to wear during the Hearts day.

Plaid Button Up Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress // Crisscross Neck Tied Split Sleeve Wrap Blouse

Something red! Of course when its Valentine’s day, almost everyone wears red. I guess it’s because the meaning of color red is passionate love, power, strength, and desire. So why not join the hype? haha.

White Laser Cutout Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress


Another color that’s also “in” during Valentines is white. This color means safety, purity, innocence, and completeness.

Green Sweatshirt Dress With Double Layer Hood // Button Up Utility Coat With Sleeve Patch

Have you heard that green is 2017’s new color Pantone? Yes, it’s true! If you’re on a movie date on the 14th, this sweatshirt dress or button up coat is the perfect for you!

Pink Ruffle Off The Shoulder Crushed Velvet Bodysuit


I still have an obsession with the so-called velvets and I’ve heard that pinks are still “in” this 2017. This off the shoulder velvet bodysuit looks so chic, feminine and stunning.

Black Embroidered Back Wrap Coat // Embroidered Tape Sheer Dress With Cami

Who says you can’t wear black during Valentine’s day? It’s not in the law that when you wear black on Valentine’s day, you’ll be in jail. So, obviously, no one can stop you wearing black during Valentine’s day haha. Though these pieces may be in color black, I can say that these are still perfect to wear on Valentine’s day.

So, what can you say about the pieces that I chose? And what are your plans for Valentine’s day? Share it in the comment section below! hihi.




9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Wishlist featuring SheIn

  1. Hey Retlyn!

    Yes! I do see a lot of velvet touches in haute couture and it would make an elegant dress for Valentine’s Day! But I guess red is usually the preferred colour!



  2. That plaid ruffle dress is the one! Love it. My boyfriend is buying me a lovely new kimono type dressing gown as he’s fed up with me wearing my old grandad one! Haha. I don’t mind, at least I’m getting a lovely present but I fear it may not be as comfortable or warm! Ree Love3o

    Liked by 1 person

  3. good and nice wishlist, clearly whoever had this for the valentine must have had a wonderful experience, good to know of these very nice and wonderful products too.


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