Something Velvet

Since 2017 is not a leap year, today, February 28 is obviously the last day of February and my birth month starts tomorrow! Yes, time flies so fast and I’ll be turning 18 on March 30, 2017. I am feeling ecstatic, hopeful, and at the same time I am also feeling worried because growing up sometimes means that you have to accept great opportunities, create some astonishing moments, and face more challenges. Hence, turning 18 is like welcoming legality and here’s my kinda-mature look for today. 10

Actually, this is my first time to shoot like this (uhm, you know what I mean, right? haha). At first, I was kinda conscious because the dress looks too glam and the place is kinda crowded but luckily we found a spot that isn’t crowded! Photos were taken at Temple of Leah. The place is now a tourist spot and of course there are plenty of people in a tourist spot lol. The place is also perfect for shoots!


As what I’ve said before, I am currently in love with furry and velvets. Good thing that I’ve found this lovely velvet dress at SheIn and I’ve got this fur slides as a Valentine’s gift on February 14. The combination of the velvet dress and fur slides just feels so comfy yet stylish. Perfect for the lazy gaming party/event look! I’ve heard that velvets were first popularized on 1920’s and now it has it’s comeback as being part of 2017’s biggest fashion trend! So, expect to see a lot of velvets this year haha.


Specs: Sunnies Specs // Choker: Tchotchke Project // Dress: SheIn // Fur Slides: Fun Flops




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