Cebu Happy World Museum Miracle Art

Unplanned trips are always better than planned trips but the bad thing of unplanned trips for me is that I don’t usually bring my DSLR, so #phonephotography haha. I’m not saying that the quality of my phone sucks but since I have a DSLR, I prefer using it than using my phone’s camera. Last February, specifically on the 25th, we went to 10,000 Roses Cafe, a Korean-themed cafe located in Cordova, Cebu. And since we were bored and we had nowhere to go, my brother suggested that we will visit Happy World Museum since it’s just near the cafe. Fortunately, our dad said “yes” so, Y-E-S! haha.


Before we enter the museum, we were told to leave our shoes (in a basket) for them to ensure and maintain the cleanliness of the place.


The museum is composed of 70 paintings and divided into 6 Sections which is World Famous Art Section, Religious Beliefs Section, Ocean Section, Jurassic Animal Section, Philippine Pride Section, and the Ending Section.

Yes, I admit that I’m bad at acting! haha.


Be being silly.


*nga nga pose*


If you want to wear a Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) you can rent at the museum and wear until you get tired, for only Php 50.00! Oh ayan bhe nilanom ka na talaga ng Kdrama haha.



  • Wear slippers or any footwear that’s easy to take off.
  • Wear socks if you don’t want walking inside with your barefoot.
  • Don’t bring a big bag because that’s would be hassle haha.
  • Be creative or be crazy haha!



Facebook Page: Cebu Happy World Museum Miracle Art
Address: Lot 2-A-3 Brgy. Gabi, 6017 Cordova, Cebu
Contact Numbers: 0917-779-5233 / (032) 236-3261
Open Hours: 10:00am-08:00pm (Last entrance 07:00pm)

Entrance fee

Adult: Php 350.00   

Kid: Php 250.00


Thank you for dropping by, til’ next time!




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