Urban Boho

Boho or Bohemian, that’s what people call it.

Usually, Aztec prints are the synonyms of bohemian, but as you can see, this is my basic-boho-look.


It was my friend’s debut that made me wore this outfit. Of course, because the theme was bohemian, I should follow the dress code.


I know that you can see those hairy legs and I won’t deny that because that’s the real me. Char. Don’t be ashamed of your imperfections because that makes you unique. Love and accept yourself if you want others to do the same thing for you. Always remember that you’re flawesome in your own way!


Yes, I also have a double chin and that’s why I don’t usually pose when the camera is in a low angle shot lol.





8 thoughts on “Urban Boho

  1. Great outfit! Something you wouldn’t wear in the city because it’s too ravishing. Everyone will prolly stare at you because you’re wearing something unusual yet beautiful.


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