Vivid Black

Lately, I just realized that I have a lot of black wardrobes and that was like #liferealization haha. I didn’t expect that I have so much of black pieces since I’m a hoarder of pastel tops but I’m definitely sure that the reason for it is not because black became a thing last year but it’s because people say that when you wear a black outfit, it can make you look slimmer. That was the reason why I sometimes love to choose black pieces.


An all-black outfit reminds me of those days that when I wear an all-black outfit, my friends will usually hit me a joke like “Asa ang haya?” or “Are you from the funeral? Who died?” lol. But now, those people who make fun of me about my black outfit are now in love with black. Well, isn’t it funny? I guess it’s kinda funny #selfsupport haha.


One colored outfit can sometimes be boring and dull but adding a pop of an accessory can instantly turn a boring outfit into a fashionable one.





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