Wednesday Wrap

Been quite inactive and didn’t post an outfit post for quite some time now because usually when I don’t talk about style, I talk about myself and there are times in life that we don’t want to open up and share our thoughts and feelings. But of course, I just can’t leave my blog hanging for I really enjoy writing content. Well, you might think that my blog is not that great but I’m still learning and I’m trying my best to improve my blog and make it better. I do have a lot of personal confessions and stories on my backlogs but I just don’t have the courage to click the “publish” button.

3 (2)

Went back to the place where I thought that it would be the best decision that I made and didn’t expect that things would instantly change in just one snap. I wasn’t there for a year but after that, everything has changed. It feels like I’m a tourist that doesn’t even know where to start walking. It’s like I have no one except for myself.


Shared what I felt to people who experienced the same situation a few years ago because I honestly expect their presence, advice, and comfort but I was just teased. That may be not their intention but it hurts to count on people who don’t even care about you. It’s bad when you gave your trust and loyalty to people who would eventually treat you like a stranger. Things like that happen in movies and never did I imagine that it would happen in real life. So, it’s like having a fresh start in a place where you grew and learned a lot of things but it’s not literally a fresh because some already know you while others not lol. There’s one thing that I really hate about myself and it’s when I expect from people. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.

I know that if I didn’t leave, things would not be like this. It would probably be a fair play but I didn’t regret why I left for a year because I experienced and learned a lot of things from people who lived in different areas in the Philippines. Also, I was able to meet some awesome people who taught me that true happiness indeed comes at no cost.

Honestly, I’m not used to be like this but I have no choice. I badly need to accept and just deal with the present situation.

512 (1)DSC_1570

Those are just some of the words that have been staying on my backlog for months now. Didn’t go straight to the point and didn’t really specify things for the reason that some of the people whom I personally know might read this (awkward) lol but I’m actually sharing this to tell you a message.

Won’t make this personal issue-post long because you might get bored and won’t come back to my blog but my message to y’all is:

Learn to wrap up yourself and be ready to face unexpected situations because we never know what might happen in the future. Just always be thankful and be contented with what you have right now for God won’t let things happen if there’s no reason or purpose.

12 (2)DSC_1564

And now that I posted an outfit post that didn’t talk about style, I hope this emotional post won’t happen again lol. Well, we all have our own ways on how we express our feelings. I might regret this soon or I might just laugh at this post for being so emotional lol.







3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap

  1. Sometimes its good to get your feelings out there – you never know if someone else may be feeling the same thing and take comfort in knowing that they are not alone. Hoping you feel better now that you got that out of your system!

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