Suit Up

Looking back at 2018’s fashion trends, there are a lot that’s worth the try, nevertheless , there are also some that I will never dare to try. One of 2018’s biggest fashion trend is the “formal wear in no formal event.” The suit jacket is the “thing” in this look. This trend allows you to […]

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Common Problem

People keep asking me why I’ve been on and off to blogging. When it comes to product reviews, I am doing my best not to make first impression reviews anymore, but rather test the products longer to make my review more informative and helpful to the readers. When it comes to outfit posts, there are […]

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Picnic by the Beach

Have you ever bought clothes offseason and wait for the perfect time to wear it? I tend not to do that before since I hate waiting but when I saw a blog post about buying stuff offseason, it then made me realized that there are pros and cons of buying stuff offseason. I bought this […]

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I have this weird fashion obsession this 2017 that needs to leave in 2018 and that is to wear “shades of (insert color here)” outfits. As far as I can remember, it started in summer when I have these shades of blue; oversized denim jacket, basic shirt, and denim shorts that I kept on wearing […]

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Yellow and friends

Am I a late bloomer for posting this pastel outfit now? It was earlier this year when pastel became trendy. Pastel would be perfect for summer and not for the rainy or Christmas season but you can’t blame me for wearing pastels in December because pastel is just too cute not to wear. Pastel colored […]

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XYZ & Ruffles

I had this 2016 goal wherein I need to publish 26 style post and the titles of the blog posts should be in alphabetical order. That may sound easy but that’s a bit challenging to do especially when you have no idea what to name and what to write for that specific post. I know […]

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Wednesday Wrap

Been quite inactive and didn’t post an outfit post for quite some time now because usually when I don’t talk about style, I talk about myself and there are times in life that we don’t want to open up and share our thoughts and feelings. But of course, I just can’t leave my blog hanging […]

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